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Play free arcade games. These online games resemble those designed for gaming machines.

These online games resemble those designed for gaming machines. This explains the fairly primitive graphics and a simple plot, and control of, for example, machinery, much far removed from reality. The player must act quickly: the lack of speed of reaction is easy to lose. In addition, the passage level is often limited. In the arcades there is a system of bonuses, points are given for the collected objects are gradually opening up new levels, often more complex than the previous ones. Classic examples of arcade - Pac-Man, Digger, Mario Pinball, Sonic and others. In the "platformer" type Mario want to control a creature moving jumping on unspecified platforms, stairs from nowhere to nowhere and collect items that are essential to the completion of the level. In other online-games of the genre will have to fight through a series of similar attacks, run around looking for bonuses, jump on the platforms, collect points and try by all means to save lives. The seemingly primitive arcade gameplay due to the fact that initially this genre was born on the slot machines. Naturally, this meant that management should not be too difficult. A distinctive feature is an exciting arcade gameplay, thanks to which they can sit for hours. Once upon a time, arcades were called only those games that were moved from the slot machines. At the present time, arcade games to classify other status. This term began to understand the whole playing area, which includes a variety of fighting, racing and platformers. As a rule, the arcade element involves dynamically developing action, accompanied by scrolling the screen. That is, if the usual fighting game comes to the ring and a pair of fighters for a certain time, they should try to put his opponent, the arcade fight your character will move forward, winning more and more enemies and collecting a nice bonus. Arcade games are available for free on our site, built just on this principle, among them a place as a classic for Tyre and unique platformer. By the way, shooting just is the father of the genre. Fans will remember eight-bit consoles exciting battle in the Wild West, which required quick to shoot criminals, without interference by the civilians. These free arcade games can still be accompanied by a gradual turning of the background, so that there is an effect of what you are moving smoothly in space. Furthermore, by Action games are also inherently arcades. His second name "Platform" they received for their heroes very often have to jump from one platform to another. The goal of any arcade always pass the level, collect the maximum amount of points and bonuses and to beat up all the enemies. Although, there is the arcade game for girls that do not have to kill anyone, but it can be managed by different animals, ride a bike, throw snowballs and aiming to grow feechek fun. But in the races you will not just go in a circle on the selected machine, but at the same time to collect prizes and even jump over obstacles. We also can find online arcade games, focused on the youngest users. They are distinguished by colorful graphics, funny characters, and easy operation. By the way, all our games are available for free download and can always be installed on your computer to play offline mode.

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