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Protecting the game. The main objective of these games - defend against enemies attacking you, pumping his defense and all sorts of additional skills

The point of these games is similar to other online gaming genre - Tower Defence (Tower), but here the story they are no longer tied to the structure of it, and more diverse. The main objective of these games - defend against enemies attacking you, pumping his defense and all sorts of additional skills. For you had to kill enemies are bonuses that can be spent on strengthening and improving defense capabilities, as well as improvement of the murder weapon. It should be remembered that the penetration of the enemy to the protected area, lost your life, so you should by all means avoid this. Different kinds of games you either protect your home, or trying to kill flying or walking past the enemy at a distance - it all depends on your choice of online games. It so happens that at the same time and attack from the ground and from the air, so do not lose control of the situation. We'll have to string up the brains to save their lives and get out of battles won. The developers have made sure that the objects in this collection defense games have been very diverse, ranging from the medieval towns or planetary bases and ending with its own vegetable patch or short-crust pie. Accordingly very different enemies encroaching on your property. It may be space monsters, orcs and trolls, and even teddy bears, ants, beetles, flies and other small fry. Means of dealing with them, in addition to traditional guns and soldiers, the most unusual features: laser cannons, magic spells, garden traps, ballista, a fly swatter or a good old chainsaw. But, if a particularly exotic options such games are rare, the tower defense games are considered classics of the genre's defense. As you might guess, the plot of all these games is based on the protection of the entrusted you to the tower from the enemy, by all means try to capture this fortification. Fire back from the various weapons, perform military forays into the camp of the enemy, for a bonus upgrade weapons and hire new recruits and victory will be yours! Not much different from the above games and castle defense. The only difference is in the size of the object and defended insignificant differences of the plot, the principle remains the same - to protect the structure of all possible ways in the game and manage to beat the more powerful attacks. Playing defense of the kingdom - a wonderful representative of this genre. The action takes place in it in a fantasy world where the gamer has to save the fairy kingdom from an invasion of orcs, goblins, and zombies, pretty nuisance to the local population. It provides the player archers, artillery and battle mages to help him deal with the undead and restore peace and quiet in a magical kingdom. Play at least one or two games online protection and you will understand that the defense of the case at times more complex and fascinating than the storming of the Bastille or predatory attack on the royal palace, in fact defend the peace of the citizens are much more noble and honorable than try to conquer, let and even virtual!

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