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Flying Games - want to control any aircraft: airplanes, helicopters, spacecraft, missiles and so on.

The meaning of these flash games is that they want to control any aircraft: airplanes, helicopters, spacecraft, missiles and so on. Flying, you need to avoid obstacles, shoot the enemies coming across and collect the bonuses, which can then be spent on strengthening the protection of air resources, improving its speed characteristics and other properties, so that trade relations are not left out. The action in these online games is like at a low altitude and above the clouds, and even in space. The focus of these may be different - both the reality and accuracy of a flying vehicle, and the total shooting the enemy. A particular point in some games is a weapon. He attached great importance, and the player must be very careful in choosing it, because it affects the success of mileage level.
As with the management of a real aircraft, in these online games require concentration and precision of movement. Every one of us at least once ever dream of flying. After all, the sky has long attracted people with its beauty and vastness. And even if some one hundred years ago, we could only look enviously at the birds soaring freely in air flows, but now, thanks to modern technology can feel the magic of flying virtually anyone. But as the flight on this plane is definitely not cheap, you have to find him some alternative. Here then come to the aid of airplanes game in which everyone can choose a such an aircraft, which is fully able to quench his thirst flights. So if you think that traveling in an ordinary passenger liner is too boring and not extreme, then welcome to the world of computer games, where you can sit at the helm of almost any aircraft. Having tried at least once to play the game Fly, you make sure that they fancy developers worked at full strength - because apart from conventional aircraft you can control the balloons, space ships and even dragons. On a par with the races and shooter, Flying are ancestress of computer games in general. Of course, those first games were very different from today's clever flight simulation. At its core, they were closer to the same race on machines, the player getting a bit more freedom in the two-dimensional space. Now, many are free Flying on the same principle, but the graphics in them looks many times higher quality. Along with the popular flight simulation, people's love and enjoy the unpretentious game about planes created in Flash. It would seem that the user can engage in these mini-games, when there is the opportunity to play in a real masterpiece that creates an immersive in the cockpit? As it does not sound corny, Flying Free attract primarily those whose computer is not pulling all the graphical frills, inherent in most modern flight simulators. They are particularly relevant in the office when the mouse and keyboard worker wants a break from the monotonous work, and it has only an old computer with Internet access. In such a situation, our website is always ready to help, because in addition to the fact that we have a separate category in which the collection of the best Flying Online, all our games are available for free download. Therefore, a favorite toy can be installed on the tablet and computer, and you can enjoy the dizzying flight, even where there is no internet connection.

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