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Fruit Ninja is a very popular game on the internet at the moment. Fruit Ninja play to play with mouse only deftly chopping fruit or other foods

Rarely meet the game, which would be able to carry away from the first minute. And most interestingly, usually such masterpieces not differ quite intricate gameplay. They can no doubt be attributed exciting game Fruit Ninja, which was able to record time to win the hearts of millions of young and adult gamers. What is interesting in it you will not find blood and violence inherent in the majority of samurai rebels. The fact that the ninja fruit - a game made exclusively in a humorous and positive genre. After all, it is not your opponents will be harsh medieval samurai or representatives of the Japanese mafia, and the most common fruits. But do not think that because of this, the game has lost its surroundings - as it should be, will give you a clue haired sensei, and among the weapons will be a place not only classic skating, but more sophisticated weapons that will be able to get only an experienced fruit ninja who collected the required number of game points. So, what is to face the young samurai who is just starting his career killer fruit? It's very simple - to be your faithful sword will constantly thrown in the air a variety of fruits to be a virtuoso hack in half, as long as they have not reached the bottom of the screen. Do you think that the game Fruit Ninja is too simple and is designed for children? And you try to keep track of a couple-three apples, melons and bananas, which are also more and interspersed with a variety of unpleasant surprises in the form of bombochek and bottles of poison and you'll understand why this game you want to play again and again. Management in fruit ninja is very simple and will not cause problems even in young gamers - to strike with the sword enough to hold your mouse or finger on the screen and you're away;, as for the sword is a beautiful trail. As already mentioned, the fruit ninja game involves not only an exciting process of slicing fruit, but also for its atmosphere - Your hits will be accompanied by a whistling blade, successful hit - splash of fruit juice, and all the action will take place under a slow east music. For the first time the game appeared on the phones and smart phones, but soon she quickly reached and the personal computers on which you can play it even in the online mode. By the way, you can play Fruit Ninja like in slow mode, arcade games, where you need to collect as many points within a certain period of time and in a more complex version, which allows only three missed fruit, and each hit by a bomb leads to the failure of the mission.

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