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Games targeted at a female audience, always a colorful and vivid action, with no place for boredom and sadness. Typically, games of this genre are a computer with an alternative to familiar childhood dolls, playing chef or a daughter-mother. But at the same time in front of their small geymersh just opened unprecedented possibilities for the imagination. Take, for example, at least in the plainness of dress up game, captivated the hearts of hundreds of thousands of children around the world. Typically, these games for girls online is incredibly simple - Choose your favorite model and select her outfit suitable for going to a party, a trip to the sea or the grand ball. The secret of popularity of games odevalok is that as a model, you can choose almost any cartoon character, book or favorite series. That is, you can try on dresses as Disney Princesses: Jasmine, Snow White and Cinderella, and on modern pop stars. And, of course, it should be noted that a variety of outfits that in real life to buy or sew it would be very expensive. It is also very popular are those free games for girls, in which players are given the opportunity to take care of any animal. As a pet they can make not only the kitten, puppy and a hamster, but even a pony or a small dragon. These games have a great developmental impact, because thanks to him little mistress to learn to take care of their wards and is aware of its responsibility for the one who tamed. Play games for girls particularly exciting because most of them implemented many ways to interact with their charges: it needs to be fed, put to bed, bathe and take out. So if your daughter is partial to multserialu "My Little Pony" and tearfully asks to give her a horse, then the game about pets probably will her liking. Also, talking about games for girls, you should also mention the various simulations of some interesting lessons. Typically, these online games for girls are focused on children aged six to twelve years. They provide the child the opportunity to try their hand at the role of cook, make-up artist or hairdresser. In contrast to the same odevalok, in such games should not only act according to the instructions, but also show imagination and ingenuity. And those young person who sees himself as a modern business woman can play the restaurant manager or the theme park.

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