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Quests - Games of this genre known as Action and adventure games.

Games of this genre known as Action and adventure games. In them, the player will have to strain gyrus, because often the outcome of the game is not predetermined, but depends on its actions: in this case in some games pre-registers a number of possible endings. In order to advance through the story, the player is required to show some intelligence, for example, to select the desired item to open the door to the next area. In general, with the objects in these online-games should be especially careful if they miss something mean, you can not run the game on, and sometimes even impossible for them to return, and will have to start the game all over again. So - saved, stored again maintained if possible. Sometimes these flash games require not only savvy, but also some of the skills of warfare for the mini-stories. The graphics in these games is varied: from a deliberately primitive to the detailed prorisovannosti. Quests are tightened and often require for their passage to some perseverance on the part of the player. Typically, people sit at computer games to relax and get away from everyday problems. In this case, the World Wide Web you can find a lot of games aimed at the most demanding taste. After all, not everyone likes an incredible speed to press the button, fighting the crowds of opponents or show dexterity in numerous races and arcades. There is also a relaxing holiday lovers who love to play Quests, behind which you can spend pleasant hours in the company of a warm blanket and a cup of tea. And even though this genre is not very popular with developers, yet every year there are some exciting quests, which hit the player thought-out plot and graphics performance. However, these games, unfortunately, is not suitable for users with slower computers. In this situation, we recommend that you pay attention to the game for free quests posted on our site. Their main advantage is that they are not demanding and available online. This is especially true for those who enjoy their free time to carry out office work for the passage of an interesting quest. These games usually do not differ a complex storyline, for which we must follow when passing. But this can be due more to the pros, because if you sit down to play for ten minutes at home or in the office, then you will not have time for you to delve into the complex plot twists and turns. Free games quests are focused on those users who primarily like to solve the puzzle with reasoning and logical point of view, and not just rely on their speed of reaction. For example, a very popular game in the series "Hidden object". The purpose of them is always the same - slowly inspect the entire location, trying to find a specific set of things cleverly Hidden in developers. This ingenuous idea of ​​the gameplay can be done in different surroundings and be supported by an interesting plot. It is also often play online quests are that you need to find a way out of the closed room, through the activation of the right things in a certain order. If you want a thrill, and the real secrets and mysteries, then you probably will like quests that you can try on the role of treasure hunter or a brilliant detective. We have games, focused on small even gamers - these quests are usually carried out in the developing style, and they baby will be able to solve simple puzzles and learn something new.

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