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Undoubtedly, the games in the genre of shooter, or as it is affectionately called the "shooter", are the most popular among players of the stronger sex. In fact, they are the same game voynushki only carried in a virtual format. In this case, before the youngest player opens many new opportunities through which you can fight with cunning and insidious enemy, simultaneously showing miracles of skill and ingenuity. Shooting Games help to immerse themselves in the world of real military action. You must agree, it is one thing to shoot at the enemy with a water pistol or throw snowballs at him, and quite another to deal with an attack hordes of space aliens or fighting against the superior forces of terrorists. So, like most of the good old games, shooting games for free are increasingly accepted by children only in a virtual format. And if ever, enough to play with friends, it was required to buy the console with multiple joysticks or go to the computer club, but now most of these games have a multiplayer mode by which you can fight with opponents from around the world without leaving your cozy computer chair. On our site, just a separate category, which collected only the best free shooting games, different gameplay, graphics, and the target audience. This section is particularly interested in those who are fond of shooters in the era of eight-bit consoles. Although the games of that time did not differ realistic graphics, advanced special effects, and verified by physics, yet they had a special magic, forcing gamers spend hours behind the screen, setting all new records for the destruction of the enemy. Suffice it to recall the same two-dimensional tanks, which, although they did not stand graphic design, but still forced the players to fight each other for hours. All of our online shooter is chosen according to this principle - first, the game should be an exciting and interesting. For example, here you can feel like a soldier, acting on the basis of a secret enemy fighter pilot, a cowboy or a desperate hunter of zombies and vampires. Also, if you are not a fan of violence in games, Shooting games, or look for free for a child, then you can try your hand at shooting at bottles, pumpkins, moving targets, fruits and balloons. Thus, the shooter may be of interest not only to those of the older generation of players who want to remember the games of my childhood, but also young gamers who are ready to test your dexterity and quick reactions.

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