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Some people believe that computer games are not relevant to intellectual pursuits. Like, sits back a child (or adult), shakes all day on the buttons, and the sense of this whatsoever. Such people piously sure that games can not be gleaned from any information, and they do not give any skills. Usually such arguments put forward strict parents who want their child not been sitting out all day at the computer, and read books, taught lessons and sports. But, as it turned out, the game in the genre of online strategy can completely turn this stereotype. At least once, trying their hand in the strategy, the person on the experience convinced that computer games often requires a lot more mental effort than the same chess or quiz. Not for nothing is the strategy achieved the rank of a separate discipline of cyber Sports and held him real serious championships. Thanks to modern technology, strategy games online to play with any opponent, no matter what it is in another part of the world. Now remember a little game of the progenitor of the genre, for which the players sat for days spent discussing the party and building cunning tactical moves. While the strategy is very profitable stand out from the overexposed brodilok and racing due to the fact that for their successful completion of a player needed not only the reaction rate but also the ability to think logically and to calculate their moves. Such strategy games online for free can be found in the relevant section of our website. Also here you will find all kinds of browser games that are extremely popular with gamers of all ages. Their distinctive feature is that the actions of such strategies occur in real time, requiring the player to the most rapid decision-making. It is worth a little gape - and you lose more agile opponents. The only thing that can not boast of free online strategy - is the graphics. Games of this genre are always of a certain sketchiness, which, by the way, does not spoil them. In the first place they are always worth the gameplay, not graphics bells and whistles, and because of this, the strategy can be played online, it is not afraid of lags and breaks the connection. By the way, in the online strategy will be interesting to play, even for children, because among them there is a lot of projects targeted specifically at young gamers. Such games are usually done in bright and rich colors have intuitive controls and fun characters.

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