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Famous on the Internet under the name Tower defence (TD, turrets) (literally - tower defense), this genre is very popular. In this kind of flash games you want to kill all the enemies who seek to cross the map with defensive towers, which strike at the enemy. Each tower has its radius of destruction, power and other characteristics of the projectile, in addition, they can be improved, ready to settle or to build a maze of towers itself, leaving no chance to the opponent. The success of the party depends on the correct choice of towers and their installation. Enemies vary in attack speed, survivability, and, as a consequence, the price. Of particular enemy - the boss - tenacious and sometimes faster than their neighbors, so it is harder to kill. The level is passed when all of creation (or creeps) destroyed. For slain enemies are bonus points that can be spent on improving the towers, and for those creatures who were able to get to the other end of the card, the scores are removed. Enemies can move not only earth, but also the air to protect them from the tower, there are special.

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