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Zombie games are very different, there is a race where you have to give the dead or to keep the protection of databases. Free zombie game you long to tighten the virtual world

In today's culture is firmly settled movies and games, the plot of which is the struggle with the dead come alive. Each year the directors make us happy couple-three films in which courageous team of heroes trying to survive in a city crowded with hungry and blood-thirsty monsters. You can meet and frankly low budget crafts, with make-up and special effects from the nearest supermarket and the real action, like Resident Evil and Zombieland. In turn, the game about zombies keep up with films, and now you can count hundreds of thousands of games that use the most sophisticated methods of extermination snarling undead. A distinctive feature of their diversity of acts - here you can come across as a chilling thriller in which players have to save each round and flinch at every rustle, and obviously humorous designs. For example, in the game "Plants vs. Zombies", which is also in the category of zombie games for free, you have to defend against with his own martial-grown horticultural crops. Perhaps there is no single game genre to which these have got ever hungry creatures. But still the leader in this category are the shooter in which you have to select a weapon to their liking and go on a crusade against the blatant undead. By the way, free zombie games often provide quite an impressive arsenal of weapons: pistols, rifles, flamethrowers, rocket launchers and explosives - this is just a brief list of what the developers have prepared to help your brave hero. If you're not a supporter of brute force and does not appeal to you constantly put pressure on the trigger, breaking through the slender ranks of the walking dead, the game for you zombies 2 come in the genre of "survival." Then you will not give a military ammunition depot, as each cartridge and a first aid kit will be on the bill. A better tactic in these games will not look for trouble, and he slowly escape from superior enemy forces. Zombies and got to onlaynovskih flash games. However, this role is assigned to them rather humorous, and these games can be played even children. Zombie games online are often presented in the most unlikely of genres. For example, they can go bowling or Arkanoid, where instead of pins and balls are the zombies. As its name suggests, these games are targeted primarily at people endowed with a very black sense of humor. If you consider yourself to be such, then the category of games about zombies created especially for you.

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